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If you are using our Headhunter Metal Detectors, Probes or Headphones, send us a story (50 words min.) and photo of your finds. Tell us how our products helped you find your target or made your hunt more enjoyable. If we decide to use your photo, video or story, you will receive your choice of a FREE T-Shirt (S, M, L, XL), Cap, Mouse Pad or Beach Safe! We also have our new merchandise for sale in our Cyberstore.

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Available Now!... Cordless Gray Ghost XP for the XP Deus Metal Detector
Gray Ghost "Amphibian" Headphones for Garrett AT Pro!
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NOTE: Product specifications and features subject to change without notice.

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  Why Buy a Headhunter Metal Detector?

  • They are fun!
  • They are lightweight!
  • They are easy to use!
  • They can be used on land and sea!
  • They find Treasures!
  • Small, compact, and easy to travel with!
  • Excellent depth penetration!
  • Detect local swimming holes for lost coins and jewelry!
  • Hunt the outer areas of shipwrecks for lost objects!
  • Detect around old docks and boat slips!
  • Hunt old bays where boats have moored for years!
  • Detect rivers where boats are easily capsized!
  • Hunt where old resorts and hotels were near water!
  • Hunt old picnic groves for rare coins!
  • Wade into the water up to 6 feet where most jewelry is found!
  • Hunt in the rain and have the beach to yourself!
  • Doubles as a great lightweight detector used in competition hunting!
  • We have models for every hunting environment and application!

   Why Buy a DetectorPro Headphones?

  • Highest quality design, materials and workmanship!
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty!
  • Comfortable to wear!
  • Hear those signals you may not hear with other headphone brands!