Vol. 6 No. 1 October 2014
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It's Been a Long Haul...

We finally have our new improved Headhunter Underwater metal detector available! It has taken nearly 4-1/2 years. Even though we had several issues with the original Diver, it was always our bestseller. We feel this new detector fits a crucial price point in the industry — $799. Listed below are some of the new features and improvements over the original Diver.

1. See-thru Polycarbonate earcup housings instead of ABS... Much 
    more durable.
2. Heavy-duty coil wire.
3. Heavy-duty ear-to-ear wire.
4. Screw-down plates on the cups... Customer never opens unit.
5. Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery System - No memory, up to 50
    hours continuous usage per full charge.
6. One earcup has the battery. Spares are an available option.
7. Louder volume for underwater diving.

I have been using the Underwater since about June. My second or third time out with it I found a nice 1/2 karat diamond ring (pictured left) in salt water. Just recently I found a 12.1 Platinum ring. I have added links to videos below for your reference. I've always enjoyed my Headhunter design because it’s easy and fun to use.

Video 1  • Video 2Video 3

We have a new catalog which we would gladly send to anyone. Some of the other new products in the last year have been Specialty Underwater Gray Ghost Headphones for Garrett water detectors and for the Minelab CTX. We also make a harness called Detecting Pal which helps swing those heavier metal detectors.

Hopefully in the future our customers will be sending us more photos and stories using our products so we can do these newsletters more often!

Happy Hunting,
Gary Storm
Owner - DetectorPro

Get the Lead Out...
Go for the Gold!

I have had a DetectorPro Headhunter detector for about 3 years and have found a few pieces of gold and silver jewelry, but I thought the golds had decided that I should clear all the beaches in Cornwall of fishing weights, up to 200 in one day.

After a long period of easterlies the sand was cleared from a large part of a beach where I go, after about an hour I found this coin at about 3 in down, it is an 1855 Sovereign of Queen Victoria.

— Ian Grimshaw 

Pistol PROBE Mail Bag

"Just had to drop you guys a line to let you know how impressed I am with your probe. I watched a video of a guy in NY doing an air test between Whites, Garrett, and your Pistol Probe. I purchased a detector from Kellyco and received a Automax V4 as a freebie. Needless to say there is no comparison!! I purchased your Probe from Kellyco, can't beat their price and will probably send an email to them, strongly recommending to replace the V4 with your Pistol Probe. Can’t believe the depth you have achieved, making it soooooo much easier in pinpointing before I start digging and leading to must smaller holes. You truly have a great product, please feel free to use this as you please.

— Bruce Rossi

So far I am very impressed with the Pistol Probe and it handles high iron mineral concentration very well.

I tested it on a 4 gm gold nugget and it had no problems finding it under a 2 lb. 1-1/4 in. thick piece of solid iron ore.

A lot of people have griped about it looking too much like a gun. For me that is a very minor point, it is what it does and how well it performs that counts and this son of a gun performs very well. Cheers!

— Adrian Ross

O-Pal of Mine!

Great Opal ring found by Glenn W Roberts.


I used the Headhunter in a drainage ditch to find a police officer's issued handgun that was used to kill him by a suspect. I have attached a photo from the newspaper. The picture is of me handing the gun to the deputy on the bank. Shows [arrow] the headphones floating behind me. Thanks.

— Joe Barnett

[Joe Barnett received a special letter of thanks and commendation from his local Sheriff for his success in finding the crucial evidence. Hat's off to you Joe!] 

“Awesome” Service!

You guys are SOOOOOOOOOOOOO awesome! Not only did you fix my headphones, you did it in record time! I will never go anywhere else for metal detecting products!

I just have one question... You make such great products and back them up with such extraordinary service, how do you make any money? It seems as though everybody who needs one would have gotten one of your products and been set for life!

All kidding aside, THANK YOU SO MUCH for what you did! I couldn't find a bill... At least let me pay for labor and return postage.

BTW, you can bet I will be singing high praises about your excellent products every chance I get! Just today I recommended your Black Widows to two of my relic hunting buddies. Thanks again!

— Jack Hamner

I want you to know that my experience with DetectorPro was extraordinary and your customer service department is second to none. I am a DetectorPro customer for life! Many thanks,

— Mark Lawson

I just received my Black Widow headphones back. I did not hold out much hope for them when I sent them in. I am amazed that you elected to fix them. Thank you so much, this is the second set you have repaired for me and I am grateful. Your company is in a class by itself and I mean on top. Best Regards,

— Kevin Dumphy

I received my DetectorPro back from you 7 days after I sent it in for repairs and I got it back on the 18th. Being as the water in the river was still a little high and I ain't crazy about being down there on the weekends, I waited until yesterday to hit the swimming holes again. After 3 hours of looking, the water is still a little high, I found 4 dimes, 3 nickels, a few pennies and another class ring. I can't keep the things if I can find the owner and now I have found the owners to all of them except one. These would never have been recovered if you hadn't came up with this great detector. I hate to keep returning them with gold being so high, but my conscience won't let me keep them if I can find the owner. River is falling out real nice and I figure Thursday and Friday I will spend all day in the swimming holes. Other than my hunting partner, no one else does that here and every swimming hole is virgin territory and we are having a ball finding jewelry, coins and a lot of those are silver and Civil War relics. I used to fish 3-4 times a week now I metal detect instead of fish and my Dad has about given up on me as fishing partner.

— Tim Reaves

I just had to send you guys a quick note of thanks for the job you did repairing my "phones'. I sent them on Tues and just found them at the door via UPS. Quick turnaround for repair and quality headphones.

You and your folks that work there rightfully should be proud. It's not often that you find a company that has the customer care and service like yours. And more companies should emulate your business model.

Thanks again for the service and support.

— Timothy McNees

“Awesome” Finds!

I just found this Sword Belt Plate and Maryland Staff Button using my Whites XLT and Jolly Roger Headphones. I'll tell ya, the headphones are really durable and the ear cups really knock out the ambient noise. This area was full of trash, but the Jolly Rogers crisp sound allowed me to separate targets by high and low audio tones. They also work as great earmuffs when I'm detecting in 20 degree weather!

Thank you for your great product and I will definitely pass on the good word about Jolly Roger Headphones!

— Mike Robinson

The amount of coins I have found since purchasing my DetectorPro Headhunter detector is unbelievable. Thank You Gary for making great products.

— G. Balch

Hello all at Detector Pro. Just got hold of one of your Headhunter machines from a dealer here in the UK, first trip out produced this very nice 18k white gold engagement ring. I would put this in my top six best rings with stones that I have found over the years... "awesome"...  Many of us over here would like to see your machines being sold in the U.K. as there is definitely a market for them, I believe you did have a dealer selling some a few years ago, but nothing since, we only see the odd used ones over here such a shame that. Best regards...

— Dave Walsh

Another picture of rings I found this a.m. [using his Headhunter]!

— Richard Whitmore

I used my backup Headhunter for the rest of the hunt in a freshwater lake and found this... It's 14k and weighs in at 17.1 grams. The Peace Dollar is just for size. Thought you might like to see.

— John Hyde

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