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Diving version for beach, surf, or underwater use.


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The Gray Ghost Underwater is for all underwater or wet applications. User-selectable impedances allow compatibility with all underwater detectors and commercial diving equipment. Solid-state speakers leave sound quality unaffected by depth.  Headphones come without connector so you can add your own or hard wire into your unit.

Technical Specifications:

  • User-selectable impedance for compatibility with all water detectors if used with Ikelite™ connector (available separately).
  • Heavy-duty muff-to-muff connection cable.

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  • Compact carry and storage foldable design.
  • Heavy-duty polymer muffs with full-ear surround, soft comfortable cushions.
  • Adjustable padded headband... no screws, no wire frame, no rust!
  • Solid state speakers designed for maximum sensitivity, efficiency, durability, and signal quality wet or dry and regardless of depth.
  • Special sound-blocking muff design eliminating environmental ambient noise up to 24 decibels.
  • Backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

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